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About kahrtel

kahrtel is a design collective working with professionals, creatives and consultants that share a common passion for design excellence and innovation. Along with our own projects, we work collaboratively with other like-minded practices within the industry.

We pride ourselves in delivering projects that challenge the norm and push the boundaries of expectation. kahrtel embraces architecture, interior design and multimedia as its core competencies, with recognised expertise in all facets of project delivery. The practice is committed to design quality and innovation.

Our Team


Joel Alcorn's early experience with building designers, builders and architects has led to a passion, depth and diversity in his work. Gaining inspiration from items and materials not often associated with architecture, Joel has a strong appreciation of all creative works and enjoys collaborating with other disciplines, designers and artists. With 15 years industry experience Joel has worked on a wide variety of projects, enjoying the challenge and commitment to producing work of a high standard, be it large scale commercial projects, or refined boutique spaces.


Influenced by a diverse range of creative endeavours, Chloe's interest in design has always been captivated by the micro-scale. A sense of comfort and ease is found when she's working on projects of all scales where the precision and execution of detailing is key.

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